Special Services


We are able to arrange at preferred prices the supply of any product which you are in need such as:

  • Fresh local fish fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Electrical appliances
  • Mechanical parts
  • Procure standard equipment
  • Deliver specialized missing parts
  • Goods and equipment can be delivered to vessels docked as well as OPL


We handle all dry bulk cargoes including iron ore, grains, minerals, project cargoes, and heavy lifts.

We also have successfully introduced many innovative methods of mechanized handling Up to now. As a result of which, we created new records in performances in respect of loading/discharge operations for bulk cargoes including scrap, coal &coke


Our service includes many different ways of handling all sorts of goods, starting with labeling with annotations, repackaging and finally handling all kinds of custom clearance documents.

We can handle, but are not limited by:

  • Medicinal goods
  • All beverages
  • Electronics and mobiles
  • Machinery and heavy equipment
  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Clothes, shoes as well as most other accessories
    Where we fall short, our certified partners are sure to pick up, with additional options


  • We prepare the necessary customs documents;
  • Physically represent the customer during cargo inspection.
  • We prepare Intrastat reports & submit them to the customs authorities electronically;
  • We mediate in obtaining guarantors of insurance companies;
  • We carry out all possible procedures for the sale of goods and their clearance in customs warehouses (export-•import terminals);
  • Entry to the customs checkpoint is not taxed.


Commercial cargo services include:

  • Cargo Tally Verification ○Draft Surveys
  • Loss Prevention
  • Stockpile Inventory Measurement
  • Rust Evaluation
  • Belt Scales and Hopper Scales
  • Repack of dangerous waste & products

Commercial carrier inspection services include:

  • Loading Master / On – Off Hires
  • Hold and Hatch Inspections
  • Visual Inspections
  • Bunker and Conditional Surveys
  • Biotic Indices & Ballast Water Sampling


We offer coverage of almost all types of cargo against accidents, incorrect handling and other perils that may cause damage to or loss of cargo. We handle all cargo with personal and professional care, but we also acknowledge the risks of transportation.

With our cargo insurance you will experience fast claims handling and receive payment usually within 7 days in case of lost cargo.