Chartering Services


A bareboat charter does what it says on the tin; you charter the full ‘bare’ boat, and supply your own crew to sail her

Reasons to Choose a Bareboat Charter

  • Choose the vessel that’s right for you
  • Chart your own course, go at your own pace
  • Design your own your daily itinerary, with support from our team
  • Privacy & intimacy


Customized Time Chartering of Tanker vessel, Breakbulk, Heavy Lift & River Vessels, Barges, Tugs & Supply Boats around the world

  • Fixture and negotiation of charter parties
  • Voyage estimates
  • laytime calculations and hire statements
  • Management of charter party disputes
  • Chartering strategies and options
  • Coordination with Master and Port agents
  • Post-fixture and account tracking function


Our services comprise all aspects of ship charter and our tailor-made services are available worldwide

Our dedicated team offers all aspects of ship charter, including project management, planning and execution. And our tailor-made services are available worldwide. We serve a number of industries and employ different types of vessels as needed, including:

  • Tankers
  • Open-hatch
  • Heavy lift
  • Ro/Ro
  • Semi-submersibles
  • Tugs and barges